CTAN works with companies that are looking for cost effective ways to complete their private and government contractual obligations. As a small and medium business partner, CTAN’s mission is to the provide clients with best contract talents, to maximize their growth potential and save cost in an effective and professional way. Our technical professionals are experienced and are highly motivated.

As a technology consultant we provide the followings:

IT Management Services -

We have PMP certified professionals, who will work with our clients to finish their projects in a timely and cost effective way.

IT Quality Assurance/ Testing Services -
We have experienced IT Quality Assurance specialist and Tester's who have proven knowledge in their corresponding fields and are very experienced. We have both Manual and Automated testers in our company.

Help Desk and Customer support Services -

We have experienced help desk and customer support service professionals who have ample patience to meet every customer needs.

Post Your Resume -

In order to be considered for positions, please post your resume to our affilliated site. http://www.jobs.softestclub.com

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